Digital Panel Meter Mini


Universal 2-wire loop powered display (digital display head) is suitable for all 2-wire transmitters such as: pressure, differential pressure, temperature, flow, pH, acceleration and force. It has a built-in microprocessor and can be programmed by two buttons to realize zero point, full scale and decimal point setting without potentiometer adjustment.

No external power supply is required, and it only needs to be connected in series in the circuit under test to accurately display the 4-20mA signal in the circuit under test. It adopts imported special integrated circuits and is manufactured by SMT process, with high circuit assembly density and small appearance size of the instrument.

Main Specifications

1. Two-wire system, input current: 4~20mA

2. Loop voltage drop: 3.6V@20mA

3. Overload allowable current: 100mA

4. Display range: -1999 ~ 9999

5. Working temperature: -40~85℃

6. Relative humidity <=85%R*H

7. Accuracy: 0.2%

8. Cut out: 58x27mm.

9. Dimension: 60x25x30mm.


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