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Panel Meter digital instrument four digit

Digital Panel Meter Ampe and Volt

Model: VK-DPM-9648-X-A, VK-DPM-9648-X-V – The input sampling signal is compatible with AC: 5A, 1A DC: 5A, 1A, 100mA, 20mA, 75mV. – The input sampling signal is compatible with DC: 500V, 100V, 10V, 1V AC: 500V, 100V, 10V, 1V – AC input measurement is RMS measurement – Four and a half high-precision display, display full value […]

Digital Panel Meter Mini

Features Universal 2-wire loop powered display (digital display head) is suitable for all 2-wire transmitters such as: pressure, differential pressure, temperature, flow, pH, acceleration and force. It has a built-in microprocessor and can be programmed by two buttons to realize zero point, full scale and decimal point setting without potentiometer adjustment. No external power supply is […]

Digital Panel Meter

Model: VK-DPM-9648-0-0, VK-DPM-9648-1-0, VK-DPM-9648-0-1, VK-DPM-9648-1-1 Digital display instrument cooperates with various analog output sensors and transmitters to complete the measurement, transformation, display and control of physical quantities such as temperature, pressure, flow, liquid level, composition, etc. 1. Parameter 1.1 Error Less than 0.3%FS, and has the function of adjustment and digital filtering. 1.2 Suitable for […]