Digital Panel Meter Ampe and Volt

Model: VK-DPM-9648-X-A, VK-DPM-9648-X-V

– The input sampling signal is compatible with AC: 5A, 1A

DC: 5A, 1A, 100mA, 20mA, 75mV.

– The input sampling signal is compatible with DC: 500V, 100V, 10V, 1V

AC: 500V, 100V, 10V, 1V

– AC input measurement is RMS measurement

– Four and a half high-precision display, display full value and decimal point can be freely set

– With two-way alarm relay output, transmission signal output, RS485 communication interface

Technical parameters

  1. Working power supply: AC85~260V (DC85~360V)/5W
  2. Display range: DC: -19999~99999; AC: 0~99999
  3. Measurement accuracy: DC: ±0.2%+3d; AC: ±0.2%+5d;
  4. Overrun display: “E–H” or “E–L”
  5. Relay contact capacity: AC220V/2A, DC30VDC/3A
  6. Relay contact life: 105 times
  7. Transmission output accuracy: ±0.2%
  8. Use environment: -10℃~+50℃
  9. Dimensions and opening dimensions

Dimensions (mm)  96×48×80, opening size (mm)  92.5×44.5

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